Random width 4", 6", 8" heart pine, provincial stain with 3 coats satin polyurethane. Floor was installed in conventional nail-down method then was face-nailed (top nailed) on the joists using old style cut nails that were countersunk and left exposed for an antique look.

Hardwood added to family room where adjacent rooms were already hardwood. To add more distinction, a cherry border outlined the room, then a wider herringbone pattern border surrounded a straight field of select red oak in the center of the room that was also outlined in cherry. The finish was 1/4 provincial with 3 coats satin polyurethane.

University of Georgia Student Learning Center. Solid 3/8" cherry floor glued down and finished with two coats neutral sealer burnished into wood with steel wool, then machine buffed to natural luster.

Existing hardwood in dining room. Customer desired a border to mirror the trey ceiling. A walnut border was cut in, installed and the room resanded, stained and finished with 3 coats polyurethane.

Customer is interior decorator who recently moved to Atlanta from Dallas, Texas. This type of sand & finishing is very popular there. After floor is rough sanded the grain is raised and then hand scraped across the grain for a very weathered/worn look. Then it is stained and coated as normal.

#1 Red oak floor with natural stain and 3 coats of polyurethane. A double-rule american cherry border with brazilian cherry corner insets highlights the dining room area. A medallion was inset into the foyer. The medallion consists of walnut, maple, brazilian cherry and white oak.