- Unfinished Wood Species:
Such as oak, maple, brazilian or american cherry, walnut and many others that are installed, sanded, stained and finished on site. These are available in strip flooring (normally 3/4" thick and 2 1/4" wide) and Plank Flooring (3", 4", 5", ...or up to 12" wide). After installing, unfinished floors are then sanded(dustless), stained with your choice of stain color, then usually topcoated with 3 coats of polyurethane. (Other finishes are available)

- Prefinished Wood Flooring:
Also available in a variety of species, widths and thicknesses. Most prefinished floors come finished in a higher gloss urethane finish from the factory. Depending on their thickness, they may be either nailed down to a subfloor or glued down to concrete.

Refinishing & Maintenance

- Complete 'Dustless' Sanding:
We use some of the newest and most efficient sanding equipment. 'Dustless' sanding means equipment that is assisted by vacuums attached to the equipment. We are also one of the few companies in Atlanta that owns and uses the 99%-efficient 'Hummel Trio' machine for the last stages of sanding (which are usually the dustiest!)
Besides the 'dustless' sanding equipment mentioned above, we go the extra mile by also "shrink-wrapping" cabinets, shelves and plastic - sealing of any rooms not being sanded.

- Available Finishes:
Most popular and easiest to maintain are the polyurethane finishes. Much like paints that are available in latex, oil-base or lacquer-base... so too are floor finishes. Modern finishes come in water-base and oil-base polyurethanes, moisture-cure urethanes and lacquer-base swedish finishes.
Less popular today but still available are a Paste Wax Finish or a Penetrating Oil Finish.
Once your floor is sanded and any stain color is chosen and applied, then we normally topcoat the floor with 3 coats of polyurethane. Our recommendation is 'Duraseal' brand if you desire an oil-based polyurethane or 'Bona-Traffic' if you desire a water-based polyurethane. Both are considered the top-brands in the industry.

- Polyurethane Recoating: Once your floor starts to show signs of wear, ie: finish dulling, surface scratches and discoloration... then recoating is necessary to protect the floor from further damage. The process to recoat is simple: Your floor is buffed with a sandscreen disc, then vacuumed and wiped dustfree, then a coat of finish is applied. Dry time of the finish is between 2-4 hours for water-based or 8-10 hoursfor oiled-based, depending on the type of finish applied. No traffic is permitted during the drying time.
Caution: Polyurethane Recoating can only be done over a current clean Polyurethane finish. If waxes, oil soaps or one-step acrylic finishes have been applied to your floor as part of it's past maintenance - then a recoat will not adhere! The floor would probably need to be sanded to return to a polyurethane finish.

- Scrub, Wax & Buff:
This procedure is for floors that currently have a Paste-Wax Finish.
The floor is prepared by buffing it with a large steel wool pad that cleans the floor of minor water spots and scuffs. Then it is vacuumed clean. Then we apply a layer of paste wax by rubbing it in by hand (similar to the way you would wax a car). After drying to a haze, the floor is buffed multiple times to a soft sheen using a polishing pad.

(For more extensive technical information on hardwood floors, please click on the NFWA website link here or below)